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Capital Punishment  [message #71044] Tue, 09 February 2016 00:08 Go to previous message
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Is it right?

For the record, I am very pro CP, Two questions might up up at this point... Why? and, in what scenario?

The why is easy for me and I make two arguments. The first is that in the UK it costs £40000 per year to hold a prisoner in jail for a crime they have committed. Obviously the more heinous the crime the longer the term, and so the more it costs. On average the punishment for child murder in the UK is 36 years. Not only has that someone taken a life of an innocent child it is now going to cost the tax payer over £1.4m to keep them locked up. Where as a few kilowatts of electricity is pennies. Ok, ok, so you will get people that will argue that innocent people have gone to prison only to be later released. However in today's world of DNA and forensics, if we can be totally sure that a person did do something of unforgivable magnitude then why keep them alive? You will also get arguments from Liberals and Lefties that everyone deserves a 2nd chance at reforming themselves. In most cases this is true. The bank robber for instance can be forgiven for being desperate for money. The fraudster could be forgiven for being greedy and the drunk driver could be forgiven for being careless and stupid. These are just to name a few, and no, I do not think a person should be fried in a chair for the above mentioned. However, when we get into the extremes... Where someone has an "ideology" that taking another's life (on purpose) is right or justified then we must look to our own conscience and ask - Is this person a value to society. In all instances this has to be no, right?

People who commit horrific crimes suffer from this delusion that they have reformed or they are sorry they did what they did. Many will turn to the guy in the sky when trying out this exercise of remorse. To me remorse is a byproduct of being found out. Did you ever do something as a kid with your friends that you knew was wrong and felt confident and cocky about it until you got found out? Then when you did you cried you were sorry to mummy and said you would never do it again, and then when her back was turned you did? Remorse - It's a human delusion made up of a concoction of embarrassment and self pity.

My second argument is deciding in which scenario would I put a person to death? MY answer is simple and please read the next sentence carefully before forming an opinion. What gives me the right to take away another person's life through malice, and then have the right to keep my own? Ask yourself that question. It's hard to justify anything other than "I don't" right? Exactly. So in this instance if I am found guilty by a jury of my peers and there is overwhelming supporting evidence to back up that Jury, then I should expect the consequences of a death sentence. 

That's why I am Pro CP, and arguments against are welcome. 


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