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I'm looking for information, please, about oral sex.

I'm particularly looking for information on the 'deep throating' exercise.

Please will as many of you who wish and are knowledgeable, help me out with the answers to my perplexity. And note, that, like so many of our younger readers, I have no real experience in this area.

My first thought is as a recipient. I understand the idea of the tongue swirling around sensitive parts of the glans, bringing the recipient pleasure as they head towards orgasm. I've experienced this and find it enjoyable. Take the head of the penis past the mouth and into the throat and I wonder whether the throat is "just another wet tube" which could, frankly, be a Fleshlight. Why is it desirable to be deep throated?

As a giver of head, in my fantasies at least, I like the idea of licking, teasing and sucking. I'm not too sure about the taste of seminal fluid, but, in the heat of things I don't expect I'd have a problem with either the flavour or the texture. I suspect it to be an acquired taste, rather like Guinness. I acquired the taste for Guinness, so I don't expect that to be a real problem. What I can't get to grips with is the idea of needing to suppress a very considerable gag reflex just to have this thing thrust into my throat and to make breathing challenging. What I want to do is to savour the event, not have my throat fucked. And, if the other guy just wants a wet tube to stick his dick in, heck, I'll go buy a Fleshlight for him!

So, apart from Linda Lovelace having made it a mainstream concept, what is it about deep throating that makes it seem to be so desirable in stories? Is it as desirable as the stories suggest?

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