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Tumblr Account Terminated Unfairly and Without Explanation  [message #75697] Fri, 19 April 2019 19:22 Go to previous message
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Tumblr's Disreputable and Oppressive Censorship
I went on Tumblr in early February. There were three linked blogs altogether, ianfatima.tumblr.com, inafatima2.tumblr.com, and ianfatima3.tumblr.com. They started in February, 2019. The main blog, ianfatima.tumblr.com, was called "An Adonis Collection, and featured tasteful pictures of good-looking young men. The second blog, ianfatima2.tumblr.com, was called "The Famous "Grey Speedo Boy," featured pictures of that renowned college-aged cutie. The third blog, ianfatima3.tumblr.com, was called "A Special Gallery of Superblond Guys," and featured individuals whose hair was unusually beautiful and stunning.

At first there were just a handful of followers. At one point it was 8, then it was 11 and then 14. Eventually it would grow into hundreds. By the time it was nearing 1000 followers, it would add maybe 30 new followers per day! Occasionally a picture would be flagged as "Offensive Content." I appealed each one, and each was quickly approved and posted. I received emails apologizing for the flagging.

During the last few weeks of the account, things had started getting weird. I tried to upload a perfectly innocuous picture of two college aged swimmers wearing speedos, and it was flagged as "adult content." Since it was a tasteful picture, I naturally appealed, but it wasn't approved in a reasonable time, as had always been the case previously. Instead, it languished in "Content Appeal" for most of a week. I was tired of waiting. I did an image search, and found it was a common picture, and had even appeared in other Tumblr blogs, so I decided to delete it from "Content Appeal."

The next several flagged pictures also remained in "Content Appeal" for a long time without getting approved. And the swimmer duo in speedos picture I had deleted from "Content Appeal" RE-APPEARED in "Content Appeal," as though by magic! It had to have been placed back there by a Tumblr employee. In thought that was odd, and I started to suspect that Tumblr was amassing ammunition to use against me, to justify the termination of the account.

By Tuesday, April 2, 2019, the three blogs had a combined following of nearly 1000- followers. There were 742 followers for the main blog, ianfatima.tumblr.com, plus 76 followers for the second blog, ianfatima2.tumblr.com, and 139 followers for the third blog, ianfatima3.tumblr.com. The total number of followers for all three blogs combined was 957!

By that day, the top picture for notes had 319 notes. It was a picture of a pleasant-faced shirtless blond guy around 18 years old, who was wearing a baseball cap.

The next day was Wednesday, April 3, 2019. My email had two emails from Tumblr. The first proclaimed I had 11 new followers. The second email said that content was removed from my Tumblr blog, but made no reference to terminating the account altogether. But when I tried to log in immediately afterwards, the screen read: "Account Terminated."

The account www.ianfatima.tumblr.com was terminated on the basis of the supposedly offensive picture below. Personally, I find the picture completely inoffensive. I would personally define the picture using such terms as "innocuous," "cute," and "funny."

I suspected that many other people would agree with me in my assessment, so I decided to test my theory. I printed out a collection of ten physical photos nine that were successfully posted on Tumblr without any problems and also the one that resulted in the account being terminated. I showed the ten photos to various people, and asked each of them to pick out the supposedly "offensive" picture that got the account terminated. Not one single person succeeded in guessing correctly! They picked out three other pictures, instead! When told which picture was the problem, all the people were essentially dumbfounded. Everyone who saw the supposedly "offensive" picture agreed with me. They also considered the picture to be "innocuous," "cute," and "funny." In all probability, millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of people across America would clearly agree with me and the group I showed the picture to.

Granted, different people have different opinions. So there would certainly be some homophobic individuals who would think or remark upon seeing the picture something like: "Fucking faggots," or "Stupid bunch of girlyboy pansies," or "Ha, ha, lookit the homos!" Nevertheless, individuals feeling such overt hostility would be directing it at the subjects of the picture. They would certainly not be imbecilic enough to define the picture as "kiddie porn!"

The picture is an innocuous picture of three late teenaged gay boys (between ages 17 and 20) voluntarily and playfully posing in the manner of fashion models. Although they are gay and effeminate, the picture contains no sexual content whatsoever, despite your undefendable claim to the contrary.

Attention, Tumblr retards:

Three gay teenagers PREENING for the camera is not a sex act!!!
Three gay teenagers PREENING for the camera is not a sex act!!!
Three gay teenagers PREENING for the camera is not a sex act!!!

One of them is making a funny face and sticking out his tongue, so maybe a better word for their behavior is "clowning." In that case:

Three gay teenagers CLOWNING for the camera is not a sex act!!!
Three gay teenagers CLOWNING for the camera is not a sex act!!!
Three gay teenagers CLOWNING for the camera is not a sex act!!!

Whether their activity is described as PREENING or CLOWNING, in either case, only a mentally deficient individual would define their activity as a sex act. Clearly, the individual that made the determination is mentally deficient, and should be immediately terminated from employment, or moved to a more suitable position, such as in the janitorial department.

Even if it really was an offensive picture (which it is not), then the entire account should not be terminated on the basis of just one misstep. That's lunacy! The only justification for the termination of an account on a "one strike" basis would be if the strike in question involved a patently offensive picture. A patently offensive picture is one which there could not be a divided opinion. Everyone would be in agreement that it was offensive. For example, a picture of a person having sex with an animal, or a picture of an adult having sex with a child, or a picture of two children having sex. There should be both INTENT to violate the policy, and a clear violation within the picture that would stand up in court. When the violation is contestable, and many people would fail to see any violation, then that is extremely unfair to terminate an entire account. There was also no intent to violate any policies.

Additionally, I feel Tumblr needs to be completely blocked from all worldwide operations on the basis of patently discriminatory business practices, until such point as which the patently discriminatory business practices are permanently ended and everyone is treated the same way. The Shariah-law minded blog monitors within the company who are imposing their questionable prudish values on bloggers must be completely purged from the company.  

Tumblr has not demonstrated that it has a fair policy for terminating accounts. Therefore, Tumblr should be banned from conducting business (or at least from deleted accounts) until it has a court-approved system for terminating accounts, one that the judge and everyone else agrees is completely fair. I'm sure the court will agree if this becomes a court case. 

There is a form to contest account termination. I filled it out weeks ago, but they have not gotten back to me.

In the meantime, I'm open to any suggestions for a Tumblr substitute. There are supposedly others places out there, but I'm not familiar with them.

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