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"Mark wrote on Fri, 29 November 2019 16:07"

"American_Alex wrote on Fri, 29 November 2019 08:24"
The very basis of theism in general is that one group is preferred, while those not a part of that group are shunned.


Unfortunatly, those claims are not only the basis of organized religion.  Take a look at the teachings of Hitler, for example. ...

There were others in history who also did horrible things, and none of them did what they did in the name of religion; in fact, some were, at least outwardly, atheists (Stalin, Chairman Mao, and Pol Pot were each responsible for the deaths of millions in the name of nationalism, just as Hitler was, and each opperated under an atheistic political system - communism).


--Oh, dear, Mark, I hope you just mis-spoke there, and aren't actually that ignorant. Adolf Hitler was, as were ALL the fascist leaders of the mid 20th century, Roman Catholic, and at least in public were very pious about it, too; Mussolini, Franco, Dolfuss, Laval, as well as Hitler. Hitler's NSDAP party never achieved a majority; he came to power only because of the support of a couple of conservative Catholic parties. The papacy never took a stance either way, but many, many Cardinals did actively support fascist regimes. You can believe that the Nazi movement was atheistic, but in reality it wasn't.

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