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Learning the Ropes, by Cole Parker  [message #77713] Mon, 05 April 2021 08:39 Go to previous message
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I really enjoyed this story.  The encouragement Troy gave Gary and others in the physical education (PE) class is the type of thing which is often needed by young teens.

I was mentally comparing this class, in the story, to PE classes I was in back in the last half of the 1960s.  We were required to have jocks and use them in my school, and we also had to take group showers after every class, five days a week.  So for four years, I had PE five days a week.  In that time, I never saw a boy get an erection.  But some guys were kidded for being very skinny or for having a big penis.  The girls in our school, I was told, also had to shower in groups.  Some of them complained about that.  We boys didn't complain about the showers-- until the hot and warm water ran out.  THEN we would complain.  With 30 to 40 guys sharing about 10 to 12 showers, the water was usually cold by the end of the short time we had to shower.

Some in the class would encourage others, as in this story.  Most guys were cooperative with each other.  Something we did besides wrestling, running, gymnastics, weight training, and assorted other exercises was something the coaches called "marine basketball."  It would probably be banned now as being too violent, but there were two basic rules besides trying to make baskets on the goal of your team.  Rule one: Don't kill, maim, bite, or hit someone in the testicles.  Rule two:  If you go out of bounds, get back in bounds.  You play fast and with all your energy until a coach blows the whistle.  Team with the most baskets is declared the winner.

The story is well written, well able to be believed, and well worth reading.  Well done, Cole Parker.
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