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The Works of Geron Kees  [message #77774] Thu, 22 April 2021 10:01 Go to previous message
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(I realise there is currently a thread about 'The Darkness Between Doors' but have been studiosly avoiding it to avoid the slightest hint of spoilers while patiently waiting to binge the completed story)

One of my greatest pleasures since finding this site has been discovering the works of Geron Kees. I can honestly say that rarely have I enjoyed so much the complete body of work by any author, regardless of genre. As a fan of fantasy/scifi I find myself transported to the worlds created in those stories with total suspension of disbelief.  The stories set in the 'real' world are just as effective at painting themselves into my mind.

I could easily write extensively on all of the stories, but will limit myself to a few I would like to mention. (Fully aware that there will be others that I will later think i should have mentioned as well.)

The Thrift Shop Nation stories make me smile, great charcters and humour.
The Mooi stories feel like Amsterdam.
The Thief Of Small Things has a great initial mislead.
The Frost Covered Marker has a great tension, and a sad satisfaction to it's ending.
The Stolen Dream is a favourite amangst favourites.
A Charmed Life includes a minor character who touched me deeply with the way he was written; Rafie.
Tales Of The Road; I can hear the engines and smell the fuel. Has also been partially responsible for the creation of a playlist as an imagined soundtrack (Lots of heavy prog)
Z Is For Zombie had me hoping all would work out ok the the 'tribe' and that they would all be safe.
... And of course, last but not least - The Charlie Boone stories are a continual pleasure ... full of enjoyable characters and situations. i have a real soft spot for the introduction of Will and Billy, as well as the story of Oumuamua.

So thank you Geron for such great stories and characters, including those not mentioned. Much respect, admiration and apprecition to you.
I look forward now to reading The Darkness Between Doors, then the srory after that, then the story after that....
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