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Puppy For Sale - Republish.  [message #77788] Wed, 28 April 2021 22:56 Go to previous message
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Some of you longer members of the site or those who frequented the Gay Authors* site may have already read Puppy for Sale. I took a break from writing for a few years...5 I think and I came back and read it myself. Please don't think I'm vain, I was just reading some other sensational stories on here and wondered how my style compared, having not read any of my own stories back.

Anyway I digress slightly. The Puppy for Sale first release was in a way... Hmm how shall I put it? Well it had enough errors scattered throughout which may have distracted or frustrated the reader. Nothing big, but a few misspells here and there, some grammar mistakes and also an annoying formatting issue with some text jumping to the next line. Anyway Timmy has kindly re-released it after I put it through a thorough edit. A small amount of new content has been added, along with some extra dialog in places to smooth out some of the storyline.

So if you've already read it, I'd like to say thank you for giving your time to do so and I hope despite these errors you were able to enjoy it, and if you feel like giving it another read you'll find some new stuff in there. For those who have not, this new 'improved' version will hopefully satisfy your need for a rags to riches (non financial) romance. And for those who have no interest in reading it, that's fine too haha - With so many talented authors to chose from the selection Timmy has on here is phenomenal.

So thank you to all those who have already emailed me about my other stories since I've been back on here Your messages have been humbling and touching and I wish all of you a happy and safe Summer.

*All my stores are now exclusive to IOMFATS and will be found nowhere else. (At least that I know of)

James Matthews.

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