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An Apology - James Matthews  [message #77954] Tue, 06 July 2021 19:30 Go to previous message
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RE: The War on Woke (Now locked)

I have always been a person who will hold my hands up if I have made a mistake. Today I am doing that.

The post I published a few days ago had no place on this site. Those who read the post, and indeed replied/responded will have probably built a picture in their head about who I am. Perhaps some will even go as far as thinking I am some supporter of EDL or the BNP (UK Extreme right political parties). I am not this person I promise you. But my vies and subsequent posts I accept were inflammatory and again had no place on a gay story site.

I have been a member of IOMFATS for many years. I love this site and what it stands for, and am a patron of it. It would break my heart if I ever brought it into disrepute and I also regret if I upset any members of the site. It was never my intention, even with the post.

I hope everyone can understand that sometimes what seems like a good idea at the time turns out not to be once thought through. Despite my intentions to open a debate on a subject that I knew would offend some people, I accept this was wrong. I do have views that some find unpalatable but those are my views. I do believe Conservatives and Liberals can be good friends, and indeed they are. I will speak of one person as an example who I know will not mind me mentioning - and that is Timmy. We hold completely different views, but remain friends and understand one another. A couple of members who will remain nameless do not seem to have that capacity and I deeply regret I have upset them. 

So without any catches - to those involved, and who read the thread I offer an unreserved apology to anyone I offended or upset. I hope we can put this behind us with no hard feelings. I also truly hope that through the stories I write, you will see into the person I am, as a little bit of me is in every novel.

Warm Regards

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