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IOMfAtS on different browsers  [message #78031] Mon, 16 August 2021 17:48 Go to previous message
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Timmy, or someone else with computer knowledge, I have noticed that when I access IOMfAtS on my Chrome browser, I have a fast connection, but the site updates do not always show up in a timely manner.  When I use Edge, the updates show up instantly.  Firefox lags Edge, but not nearly as much as Chrome.

Example: A few minutes ago, I accessed this stie on Chrome.  Clicking on the Forum, it showed that Geron Kees had commented on some items in Literary Merit.  But when I accessed the threads, the updates did not show up.  I enabled Edge, and the updates showed up and I read them.  Switching back to Chrome, they were still not there.

I'm on a desktop computer most of the time, with a 400 megabyte per second Internet connection.  I have the latest versions of Chrome 10.0 and Edge.  On my phones I use the Chrome which came with them.

Anyone, any theories?  
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