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A current story trend on Nifty  [message #78255] Thu, 10 March 2022 16:38 Go to previous message

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There's a strange trend of Anthro-critter tales on Nifty right now. One was in the Highschool camp. And they can be fun.

Anthro-dogs amused me today, though. I was having a pee in my local Tesco store (in the gents toiulet, do keep up!), standing at the urinal when I was struck by the design challenges in making a urinal for an Anthro-Irish Setter. They seem to live in the same world as humans and imteract socially and sexually with them, after all.  And imagine the fuss over who uses which toiet? id the facilities are separate! The Trans Toilet debate woudl get even weirder!

That sheath and Os Penis primg mens they're going to need a trough aty ceiling height!

I wonder if an anthor wil be brave enough to design a urinal to suoyt all!  And then there's Anthro-Chihuahua, Amthro-Chinese Crested, Antro-Mastiff, Anthro-Great Dane. Does it go up and own?

Now, those of you who think they walk on all fours, and pee by cockking a leg, who wants their HANDS (front paws) on a toilet floor?

There will be no prizes for the first to tell us that it's a knotty problem

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