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Drivers of the Culture Wars  [message #78334] Mon, 25 April 2022 17:29 Go to previous message
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Drivers of the culture wars on both sides of the pond

This new forum string picks up some themes from "Assault on LGBTQ Rights" and "What Don't Say Gay Really Means," given the degree to which it has become a highly politicized wedge issue for conservatives on both side of the pond.

Behind any movement there is a driver, one or more people that formulate the core ideology that becomes the fuel for the politicians to use it as a wedge issue to further their aims and agendas.

And it's not just happening in the USA (witness that La Pen got 42% of the vote in France!), though it seems to be happening here on steroids in the form of new laws specifically targeting the LGBTQ community.  It's also happening in England, though there it appears to be a milder and more general form.

It turns out the driver behind the opposition to critical race theory in the USA is the same person who is the driver behind LGBTQ rights.


Read the article in the NY Times about how Christopher Rufo has fine tuned his core ideology that has become the central theme for conservative Republican politicians here.

Meanwhile, in England the battle seems to take the form of an anti-sex movement and return to puritan mores, and the driver is Mary Whitehouse.


Sadly, what is at the core of that position is not just anti-sex and anti-feminism, but also anti-LGBTQ views and many of them built of flatly wrong data--like over 50% of homosexuals can "be cured." Read the Guardian article about the anti-sex backlash she is leading here.

The culture wars have been ramped up for aggressively political purposes, and it proves the point once again that elections have consequences, and involvement in the political process is necessary to protect the rights of marginalized communities.

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