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Virginity: One prick and it's gone?  [message #66516] Fri, 16 March 2012 10:22 Go to next message

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Gay virginity - just for fun. Well, obviously![ 12 votes ]
1. Any act loses virginity 3 / 25%
2. Only anal sex counts 6 / 50%
3. Handjob really doesn't count. Anal or oral lose virginity 2 / 17%
4. Handjob loses virginity 1 / 8%

So, tell us about virginity. Is it important to 'save it for later'?

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Re: Virginity: One prick and it's gone?  [message #66517 is a reply to message #66516] Fri, 16 March 2012 12:01 Go to previous message
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timmy wrote on Fri, 16 March 2012 10:22
So, tell us about virginity. Is it important to 'save it for later'?

I'm not really happy with absolute "either/or" things in general, and I tend to think in terms of a continuum of experience or inexperience rather than "virgin / not virgin".

As regards "saving it for later", for me it's important to have a physical expression that is unique to each relationship: the particular ways I cuddle, or we hug, or the places we kiss, or whatever, are special and not to be replicated (I feel the same about pet names: I don't understand recycling them from one relationship to another).  I can very much understand that for some people anything that qualifies as "sex" should be unique to one relationship in their lives, but it doesn't work like that for me. So I certainly don't regret not having saved myself for some (probably mythical) one and only lover.

However ...

For me, as I think to many people, admitting someone into one's body (as the receptive partner in anal intercourse) is a very powerful emotional experience, and not to be undertaken except where there's already a very strong relationship. I *do* believe in "saving" it until one is very sure that both parties are in it for the long term - that kinda implies that I'm glad I didn't explore anal sex with the assorted schoolmates I messed around with in my teenage years.

(incidentally, the "quote" function didn't work properly for me on this; I had to add the terminal bbcode to close quote by hand)

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