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bringing to u sumthing that emphasise on ur feelings rather telling u nythng new........ m nt dt interested in revealing how sensitive my writing has been...
but wen alone .... i feel lyk opening my lappy n go on writing...... so writing this tym on....aww...ummm
MY TYM.....??
wastage of ur purposeful tym for the awakened desires those u inherite in u wen u c sum1 near n wanting of being with hm occurs...
then u c dt ws nt a coincedence...but was to say dt ur tym has not come yet..... !!
u put on ur shoes n walk aside n heading away from d seen u'v just had. feeling lyk u r away from sum heaven thr....u stretch ur head up n glare at the clouds
n ask them.......y didnt dt guy turnd to you...
holding u.... n say 'yes' m d 1 ur waiting so long..... Sad
y ever u r failed to know sum1's ditto feelings as dt of urs own.......?
maybe bcoz for collecting sum strength to let go and hold on till u get sum1 as urs....!
Y THINGS NVR GO CHANGE N get u or bring u sumthng unexpected happiness.... dt has no expiry....!!!!
but grasping around the intolarable mooments of tear shaking in the stories mentioned here i say to myself......
when will i......
when will sum1.....
wen will things.......
and finally....... says..............wen will there b "MY TYM ...????"

--(nt gud at writing in coherence n connectivity..... bt hope being my worthy reader......u cud feel wt i m here to convey.......!!)--

--DANN(my fav stories character inspired name by grasshopper) 
love u guys here .... m new here so forgiv nythng inappropriate....... <3<3 !!!!!
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Danny, as a courtesy to your readers, could you please use proper English?  Not all of us are conversant with txtspk and I am sure that many of us like me gave up reading after two lines.


I dream of boys with big bulges in their trousers,
Never of girls with big bulges in their blouses.

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Hi Danny,

I'm guessing English may not be your first language, but I do know that the txtspk u used is hrd 4 most 2 follow. Pse use the best English you have at your disposal. No-one will mind oddities, but we stand a better chance of reading to the end if the words are more recognisable.

Author of Queer Me! Halfway Between Flying and Crying - the true story of life for a gay boy in the Swinging Sixties in a British all male Public School
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Danny, I hear ya. You are young. ur tym will cum. It always feels like forever not when ur young. But also, nothing lasts. Everything keeps on moving. Sometimes good things like loving relationships can last a lifetime. Sometimes not. The point is to cherish what one is, what one has, while one is it and has it. If we're lucky, we all grow up. We all grow old. We all die. Hopefully in between we have lots of love, joy and happiness because, 4 sure, we will have lots of hurt and loss. Life is like that. It just is. Think of the most beautiful things you've ever seen. The most exciting things you've ever done -- and how you can fill your life with beauty and excitement. Think how you can be that beauty, that excitement and bring more of it into the world. That's what we are here for, I think.

Also, keep writing n wat evr language u no.
Simply love the graphic ...  [message #67109 is a reply to message #67056] Sun, 14 October 2012 13:15 Go to previous message
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... reminding me of one similar used many years ago by our then very young Jamie® as his avatar. I had asked him about his choice and who the artist had been and unfortunately that's now been been lost to the mists of my mind although I'm fairly certain I had bookmarked the appropriate web-site and it's likely buried in an legacy and now archived version of my Mozilla "bookmarks.html" file.  Must go looking.

Ironic that you should have chosen a pen-name based upon one of Grasshopper's stories and your graphic albeit somewhat off-handedly and intuitively reminds me of him.

I'm guessing that the author (you?) of this piece is quite young (likely under age 15 or thereabouts?).  Being of that age is never easy and coping strategies are not fully defined if formulated at all.  Going with the flow is often-times the best one can do when traveling through unknown territory, and youngsters do this remarkably well if not interfered with.  You must trust that your time will certainly come as it inevitably must. It eventually does to each and everyone of us.  The trick is recognizing it for what it is when it arrives.

Warren C. E. Austin
The Gay Deceiver
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