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When I was a kid we never had such things.


Teenagers had bodies that were fit, sleek, but not chiseled. Just the type of body in the illustration. So why has the cult of 6 pack become sop apparently important?

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Personally, I find big bulging muscles a big turn-off. I do like a hint of muscle definition, but it would be along way down my list of desirable physical attributes in a guy.

As to why it's become so apparently important... my opinion is that, like any other fashion, there is little or no reason for it. Maybe it's related to seeing it in media such as movies in 'celebrities' that people wish to emulate. Why are chubby women considered to be attractive at some times and places yet in recent years the 'ideal' models appear to be emaciated? Why do some women go to extremes to get huge breasts? Why are tans fashionable now but white skin was more fashionable in the past? Why are certain shoe styles and types of clothing desirable at one time but just a few years later they are considered to be a reason for derision?

Fashion is something for those who are either incapable of forming their own opinions and tastes or who are too lazy to do so.
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I've sort of asked the same question on my forums here by asking what type of guy the poster would choose.
I've never liked rippling abs or six-packs myself. And like Kit said, 'in style' is defined so much by the media anyway, I've just never cared about what's 'in style' at any time.
I like what I like. Others can like whatever they like or whatever they're told they like.
The guy above is more what I could call skinny with little muscles, not a six-pack owner. He's nicely built, either way you want to term him.
I'd not only not kick him out of bed for eating crackers, I'd go get him more if he asked.

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I think the cult of the six-pack is a consumerist thing. It's not a shape that many people acquire "naturally", through things they normally do in everyday life, and it never was, even back in the days when most jobs required hard physical labour. It's a shape that comes with certain leisure/sporting activities, and spending time on physical self-development. All of which requires equipment, gyms, and often special diets and suchlike, so it's been in the interests of assorted commercial enterprises to foist this appearance off on us.

The "bear" thing is in many ways an appropriate reaction to this, though I'm not one for bears myself.

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