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icon5.gif Exotic Pets  [message #68703] Thu, 06 November 2014 14:22
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Howdy All,

Hope you are all keeping well - been a bit of a crazy year but starting to round up to a head now.. lets just say I can't wait for  a holiday season break Wink

So this is greatly related to nothing we do here but I was curious, as I often am, as to whether any of the forum visitors & members keep exotic pets and what it is that you keep?
Despite my initial thoughts and assumptions, it has become quite clear that the UK has a much higher concentration of Exotic Pet owners anmd traders than I had expected.

Seen as I'm asking the questions - here is a quick answer from my side:
1. Dumerils Boa
6. Mixed het. leopard geckos
10. New & Old World Tarantulas

My base infatuation with these creatures is their behavior and how they physiology and behavior changes as they get older. Aprt from the geckos the Tarantulas and my snake will live well into their twenties so in some cases the creatures you keep are more long term that looking after kids... which is also just fine by me Wink

Thanks again All and remember to have some fun - Forever is a long time... even longer given the defecit of Rum Wink LOL

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