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What books do you enjoy?  [message #69298] Mon, 16 March 2015 18:38 Go to next message
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Toe is in the water

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Hey i thought i would see what everybody's taste in books was, so i will list the books (series) i have read

1) The Game of Thrones books: first books i started reading (well since school) a couple of years back and it really got me into reading and wishing i had discovered how much i enjoy reading a lot sooner, eagerly awaiting the next book(s)

2) The Lorien Legacy books: (the average film 'I am Number Four' is based of the first book) i really enjoyed these books and looking forward to the next one due out later this year.

3) The Maze Runner books: really liked these books, they had their flaws and the ending was just about okay, although the fourth book (a prequel) had a decent plot it wasn't executed too well and the main male character was given the indestructible treatment, which took away a lot of it's potential, but still a good series as a whole and the movie isn't half bad either.

4) The Divergent books: Really enjoyed this books a lot and while again the ending was a little 'meh' it was a great read, shame about the movie though i really didn't like it that much compared to the book.

5) The Hunger Games books: I enjoyed the first two films and then finally after a while i decided to read the books and well i loved them, the deaths and the actual games was so good in the book (a few of them brutal, especially towards the end of book one, that poor guy getting slowly mauled and gnawed at for like a whole night while still being alive, even if he was a bit of a dick, that was undeserved)

6) The Gone books: (Michael Grant book series) really good series of books and i loved reading them and despite a few dips and disappointing moments i recommend it to people and could see it working as a tv series (although they might have to tone down things as they are kids)

7) The Mortal Instrument books: i was a surprised by this book and by the end i was wanting more of it (even after 6 pretty well sized books) the characters and storylines were great and i was really looking forward to the movie (wish i never watched it though hehe) yeah that sucked, but they are having a never crack at the books and turning it into a tv series, i have my hopes up for that.

Cool The Infernal Devices books: (prequel books to the mortal instrument books) i was hesitant because this is set way before the others and i wasn't sure if i would be able to get into it, well i was wrong and i really enjoyed the trilogy and again by the end i wanted more (replaced my fav character from TMI after reading this with one of the characters from these books) also as a result of this two book series i am really looking forward to the fact there is a trilogy set after TMI (sounding promising) and a sequel trilogy to this prequel and a book to tie them all in and give the entire series a conclusion, so this is a series that has legs.

9)The Magisterium books: same writer as 7 and 8 in the list and another good potential series, i think there are 5 in this series and i really enjoyed the first one, it is shaping up to be not your typical hero prevails and it has twist aplenty by the looks of it.

So yeah these are the books i have read in just around 2 years i think, i haven't gone into great detail, but depending on the response i will share more opinions on each, so let me know what you read and if you have read any of the above Smile
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Really getting into it
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I used to be a voracious reader, consuming anything my hands would light upon.  Losing my sight resulting from a Myocardial-Infarction gone wrong a dozen years or more ago put paid to that, and although my sight has been fully restored since open-heart surgery in November of 2010, the hunger is no longer there.

I've never been an ardent fan of Sci-Fi, although Frank Herbert's original Dune Trilogy fascinated me; unfortunately, when he published the fourth book under pressure from his publisher I lost interest in those that followed and neglected to see the film. I'm told that Sting did surprisingly better than passing duty in his role.  Another that took my fancy in my youth was a novel I'd only ever seen in paper-back entitled THE WIND DANCERS, author unknown, set in a World without humans and many thousands of years hence where corporal beings do not exist and a metaphysical scorpion and snake fall in love and mate thus affecting the ultimate survival of all.  Delicious concept; well executed, and memorable 50-years later.

In serial form there have been many, mostly British (often Scottish) novels featuring amongst other topics the Coastal Patrol of the inland and northern Isles, The Remembrancer (convoluted espionage at it's 39-steps' finest) and The Customs and Excise Authority patrolling the highways and inland canals and waterways.

The adventure fiction of Robert Ludlum, Jack Clancy, Frederick Forsyth and Alistaire MacClean; the last, whose novel THE WOMAN WITH THE PORTUGUES BASKET is truly remarkable, and the first, whose novice page turners THE RHINEMANN EXCHANGE and THE SCARLATTI INHERITANCE set the standard by which all others of the genre including his own are measured.

My father loved the novels of Australian Neville Shute (Norway), with him trying to encourage me to develop his passion for them; unfortunately, it was only after his death that I cracked the cover on the first of his leather-bound collected works of Mr. Shute, coming late in life to appreciate their simplicity, beauty and far-sightedness.  Remarkable to think that he predicted metal-fatigue in jet aircraft nearly 15-years before BOAC's Comet started falling out of the skies arising from this ailment.

I could go on, and on; but, these few should give you something to get your teeth around.

Warren C. E. Austin
The Gay Deceiver
Toronto, Canada

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Likes it here
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I read anything & everything - including corn-flakes packets - & love sci-fi & fantasy - Isaac Asimov, Piers Antony, etc, etc, but my all-time favourite is, & always will be - Sir Terry Pratchett. Others have tried, but no-one is anywhere near his class.

"F*cking Wizards. I hate f*cking Wizards."

"You shouldn't f*ck them then!"

RIP Sir Terry - gone too soon.

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Has no life at all
Location: UK, in Devon
Registered: February 2003
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I tend towards non fiction. I can't for the life of me bring the name of the book to mind, but the last one I enjoyed deeply was about a steam tug, once owned by the British navy, bought for a US/Canadian salvage company, and was a dramatic catalogue of the salvage operations it undertook.

I read almost anything, but not many books are memorable. I used to travel a lot on longhaul flights on business and bought fliight reading material. In that I found The Lovely Bones, and was satisfied with its explanation of the people who surround you in 'heaven' and why they are there, or not there.

Author of Queer Me! Halfway Between Flying and Crying - the true story of life for a gay boy in the Swinging Sixties in a British all male Public School
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Toe is in the water

Registered: February 2015
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I am quite bad at remembering authors, it's the same with other things like movies and songs, my memory can be quite patchy at times hehe

But i really do enjoy reading although i only do it at work, it has surprised me how quickly i get through books and the cost actually reading mounts up to, but i think it's worth it and i can delude myself into thinking having a book shelf makes me intelligent hehe (well until they look to see they are all like teen fiction lol)
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Likes it here
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Interesting topic. Nice to know the wide range of readers here! I'm a bit eclectic, read a lot, and tend to re-read series every few years.

1) Naval fiction c. Napoleonic era, so Aubrey, Hornblower, Bolitho et al.

2) Youth sports books by Lupica, Green, Feintuch, Dickey...

3) Riding books ala Black Stallion

4) John Grisham's 'Theodore Boone - 'tween Lawyer' series

5) SciFi, especially David Feintuch and Orson Scott Card

6) Alternative Histories by Harry Turtledove
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Toe is in the water
Location: Sydney Australia
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I have ALWAYS been a SciFi fan and lately have taken an equal liking  to Fantasy books.

ALL of Asimov's books have been available to me and have read them ALL.
Have read Ray Bradbury's books, Traci Harding and am looking for a few more of hers. Smile
I still like the books and haven't changed over to Ebooks.
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