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The body is not disgusting  [message #71054] Tue, 09 February 2016 10:50

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Mine is not as attractive as other people's but it is not disgusting.

Where do we get this bizarre set of standards from:
  1. Female breasts may be shown in national daily newspapers and are acceptable on many beaches worldwide
  2. Full read and frontal female nudity is shown in mainstream films
  3. Vaginas may be shown in soft core porn
  4. Female anuses may not be shown except in hard core porn. Bizarrely, they are on display to the male partner when engaged in a doggy style penetration
  5. Female nudity is acceptable in many nations worldwide, and, often surprisingly, in Europe in 'sensible places'
  6. Male breasts may be in public display anywhere
  7. Penises may almost never be shown
  8. Full frontal male nudity is unacceptable in mainstream films
  9. An erect penis must never be shown in any format except hard core porn
  10. The male anus is obviously so disgusting that it may not be shown in heterosexual porn, though may be in homosexual porn
  11. Males in nudist resorts are required never to become erect. How possible is it to control your penis 100% of the time?

Where has all this crap come from? 

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