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Losing Light...  [message #71666] Tue, 31 May 2016 13:18
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Losing Light... 

Another lost chance to find the light,
And I'm trying hard with all my might,
Not to lose my mind and all control,
A broken heart and torn soul.
I should've spoken my mind if I'd only known how,
I could've made it right but that's all in hindsight now.
I would've give you my heart and asked for nothing in return,
And no all I have is nights when I watch my heart burn.
Just to hold you and feel you and know you were there,
To see you and hear you and let you know that I'd care.
I'd never have asked for more than you had,
I'd have cradled your head when you were sad,
I'd have weathered the storms the good with the bad,
I'd have walked in your shadow and I would've been glad,
Just to have you around me near me and with me,
That I'd walk The Mile if I knew it was you I'd see,
Waiting and smiling and looking my way,
I'd walk that Mile and 'I Love You' I'd say.
I was desperate and distant and by hope I was blinded,
And my want was too selfish and one sided, divided.
The fact is I'm broken, I'm torn, I'm falling apart,
The walls are high around this guarded heart.
I wanted you here but wouldn't let you in,
Scared and lonely I hide behind the Joker's grin.
A broken heart and torn soul,
Trying Not to lose my mind and all control.
And I'm trying hard with all my might,
Yet another lost chance to find my light.

Written by: M.K. Dobison

"And so the lion fell in love with the Lamb"
"What a stupid Lamb"
"What a sick, masochistic lion"
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