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Day-dreaming Again  [message #72595] Tue, 21 February 2017 06:14
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The beautiful boy sits on the warm grass daydreaming, as boys do, in a stolen moment
during Games period. Softened by a September shower, the scent of grass fills the boy's
nose, and captures his boyish thoughts. Now in the harness of his regulation sports kit.
With Summer holidays over, Thomas yearns to be back by the sea; safe, with his Uncle
and dog. Free to run wild with the sand between his little toes.
A German Shepherd bouncing around the boy; huge red tongue lolling over pure white
spiky teeth.

The two best friends run wild through countless Summer days, as Uncle looks on.
A completely happy man. No Treaty made in Heaven or on Earth, could ever match this
Trinity of equals; faithful unto death.

On that last Summer evening, as they sat in the garden, the boy and the dog sat on the
floor, each beside Uncle's armchair. The boy leaned with his head on uncle's right knee.
The dog mirrors the boy to the left.
The man counting his blessings, well aware how lucky he is; but eaqually aware of the
immanent new School Term. The lump in his throat growing now.
The boi, thinking of the journey back to Prep-School with the other noisy boys,
all in traditional uniform. Young Thomas, losing his fight with the tears;
as he would on the train. The German Shepherd, ears both fully erect, looks from man
to boy and back to man; and he senses that something is wrong. No more a giggling boy,
no longer a laughing happy man. The dog squeaks and whines.

All of these thoughts re-visit the boy in this moment, out on the playing field.
A Grounds man called Thomas, thinks that he spots a boy from his tractor, whilst mowing. Each time he passes the spot, he knows something is wrong.
The boy is sad and deep in thought. The Grounds man remembers that day so long ago, when a man showed concern and attention so long ago. He was daydreaming again.
Jack D.H.

I must add here the photo attached is not my property; and will accept it's removal.

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