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Piano Boy.  [message #72718] Sat, 04 March 2017 21:56
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https://68.media.tumblr.com/b2766ca5b1665641370a3d308d5a2dc7 /tumblr_inline_omb1v0ZWYT1tac4a6_540.png

Oh my ebony and ivory boy;
play your piano and bring me joy.
play duets with your toes and fingers;
softly so, the melody lingers.

Play duets of Life and Love;
please the heavens up above.
Never loud and not profane;
heal my aching heart again.

Your little yacht with mast and sail;
braves the sea, in howling gales.
May God keep you safe from harm;
long preserve your boyish charm.

And though your future's yet unknown;
build your life up, stone by stone.
May the windows of your life;
bring the light throughout your life.

May your innocence, reign supreme;
living every boyhood dream.
May the angels care for you;
ever loving, ever true.
Jack D. H.
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