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REQUIEM FOR THE BEE.  [message #73595] Mon, 06 November 2017 10:58
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Oh furry bee where did you go?
you came this way three months ago.
The sun was warm, the weather dry;
you buzzed "hello", as you flew by.

As I was there amongst the Brambles;
full of pollen you did amble.
Then off to store your daily treasure;
filling your hive up to full measure

Oh Honey Bee, come back to me;
amongst my Brambles you're safe you'll see.
Your armed with stinger, that is true;
but yet, I love the look of you.

When sat with dog, we're ne're alone;
kept company by your melodious drone.
The sounds of Summer now complete;
with your deep song, the birds compete.

The Blackberries form, so black and round;
as through the bloom your wings resound.
We share the space amongst spider and grub;
I watch enthralled as you rub and rub.

But as Summer Moons both wax and wane;
I wonder will you be back again.
I see you struggle until you fall;
the saddest thing to see of all.

Your Season of life so short;
there's little more for me to report.
With one last urge you, try for flight;
but t'ween lawn and path, you lose the light.

Sounds of my boyhood, you have been;
though a little scared, I've sat and seen.
Your lovely fur of black and yellow;
makes any heavy heart, ease and mellow.

And now alas we see and hear;
news of Honey Bee extinction, drawing near.
I could not bear to hear, or see;
A requiem for the Honey Bee.

Perhaps, the saddest thing I ever wrote.
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