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Many years ago I was chatting to a long lost online acquaintance about this and that, and this young gentleman's name came up. My acquaintance said he was a friend of the family, and that he blamed Mr Depp for the untimely death. Somehow I do not think that is the absolute truth. It was, in all probability, going to happen whoever owned the venue. I wonder, though, how close this article is to the real young man.

I never found him particularly attractive, though he was a comely youth, but the early death of any boy, lovely or unlovely, pains me. He was certainly not unlovely to behold. The reported behaviours show a troubled soul, though.

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His death shook me really badly. Not especially because he was a pretty boy, turning into a very attractive man (though he was all of that), but because of the loss of an incredible acting talent, that I'd been following with increasing interest.

I worked in live Theatre much of my life, and had the chance to see some of the big names night-after-night, each performance slightly different, often reaching for that little bit extra, the final piece that really nails a performance. I reckon to know a bit about performances and actors, from the technician's viewpoint up in the lighting box or lurking at the side of stage. River Phoenix may have been a bit lucky in the films he was cast in, in that they clearly offered him a chance to express something deep inside (and it's a major artistic tragedy that he didn't live to undertake "Basketball Diaries"), but in my estimation he could have been something quite special. Not as a major "Hollywood Star" - I don't think he would have wanted that or coped with it. But as someone with unique abilities, able to choose to take on only roles that interested him, and who would be in continuing demand, I think he could have been a powerful force, as well as an influence in getting such movies and TV programmes made.

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What killed him ultimately had very little to nothing to do with Depp. It was drugs, pure & simple. Coupled with the immense pressure he was under to sustain & support his rather large family to include his parents. When he overdosed that night at the club, his acting 'weird' was at first incorrectly interpreted by his sister and brother who were with him. It wasn't until they got him outide & he collapsed on the sidewalk in front of the club going into cardiac arrest did they realise something had gone horribly wrong. He was another victim of the fame factory of celebrity that more often than not extracts a crippling price. 
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