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Changing Demographics and Hope Ahead  [message #78479] Sun, 26 February 2023 17:29
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LGBTQ Today recently published an article by Alex Bollinger that summarized the most recent Gallup survey on sexuality among U.S. adults, focusing on how they self-identify. What they found was that the LGBTQ+ population has doubled in the last decade, rising from 3.5% in 2012 to 7.2% in 2022. That's a 105% increase and should be heartening.

However, 7.2% is still a small number when one thinks about changing political momentum in a partisan nation like the U.S., and the extreme anti-LGBTQ positions on much of the conservative side that also appears in authoritarian-leaning European nations.

Is it even possible without overwhelming majorities? A recent Public Religion Research Institute report showed that 64% of Americans say that abortion should be legal in most or all cases. Last year's Pew survey demonstrated that 61% of Americans support same-sex marriage.

So these numbers are hopeful? Change will happen in the long run. The long run here meaning as younger generations with more open and secular and rational minds replace the older narrow, conservative and partisan ones.  The hope lies in the generational demographics. Consider the data from the Gallup study when viewed generationally:

The change in understanding of human sexuality in the past few decades, and the corresponding increase in acceptance, as well as the change in the legal landscape, has resulted in a new cultural dynamic. The Gallup data shows that not only are the older generations comprised of smaller percentages of those that self-identify as LGBTQ, but those older generations are dying off. They will soon be replaced by younger generations, the majority of which support abortion rights as part of female autonomy and women's health, and human sexuality as not limited to hetero-normative but acceptable in all its forms.

Data is one thing, but we should take notice when public commentators start talking about the social, cultural and economic consequences of these demographic changes. Here is Beau of the Fifth Column talking about "Rainbows, Markets and 1 out of 5 Gen Z-ers" on YouTube:

You can watch the video by clicking here

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